Coteaux de l'Isle Winegrowers


Created in 1936 by twenty or so voluntary winegrowers, the cooperative winery grows continuously in the forty’s and fifty’s. It reaches its maximum size with a capacity of 90 000 hectoliters. At this period, the production of white wine is very important in Maransin.

The varieties grown change progressively as winegrowers start planting red varieties (Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon) that make the fame of Bordeaux wines. The production area decreases during the last part of the XXth century. Guitres winegrowers join Maransin winegrowers in 2011 in order to slow the loss of winegrowing land and gather their production and sales forces.

The new cooperative enters U2VBA Union during harvest 2012.

KEY FIGURES67 winegrowers
300 hectares of vines
13 000 hectolitres of wine
Vignerons des Coteaux de l'Isle
1 Landournerie
33230 Maransin
T. 05 57 49 41 07


Equipments :

The winery inherited from its golden years a great capacity of concrete tanks, more than 20 000 hectoliters, which is ideal to store wines at a constant temperature.

It also uses about 10 000 hl of winemaking thermo regulated tanks.

Coteaux de l’Isle has invested recently in a « pre-fermentation maceration at warm temperature » unit. This equipment heats the harvest at 70°C and then cools it around 20°C. The fermentation then happens in solid phasis, which means that the juice ferments with the must (formed by the skins and the pips). This innovative technique brings a round body and smooth structure to Maransin wines.

Coteaux de l’Isle is the northern winery of U2VBA group. It is situated on the village of Maransin, North of Gironde department.  Vignes

Alliance Aquitaine Winery

Alliance Aquitaine was created in 2009 by the union of 3 production sites situated in Le Fleix, Saint Vivien and Bergerac. It is, just like U2VBA, the collective project of winegrowers who wish to forge ahead to ensure the future of their estates, and set the service of their clients as a priority.


Situated at the crossroads of Gironde and Dordogne departments, Alliance Aquitaine vineyard displays the wide range of Périgord terroirs : sand and gravels, clay and limestone, “boulbènes”, on hillsides or in the plain.
The appellations reflect this diversity of terroirs as the winery produces AOC Bordeaux, Bergerac, Pécharmant, Montravel and Montbazillac.
The integrated farming management principles, certified AgriConfiance®, are carried out on the vineyard thanks to the crossing of data collected by local meteorological stations, by winegrowers and by the Agricultural engineer.

le fleix1








le fleix




Equipments : Alliance Aquitaine has a storage capacity of 195 000 hectoliters. This capacity represents the volume of two harvests, so it enables a separate winemaking of the grapes coming from different appellations and châteaux.
The winery owns an “Inertys” press that protects the white and rosé wines from oxydation thanks to the addition of nitrogen. An equipment of pre-fermentation maceration at warm temperature is also used to extract fruity aromas and colour to get modern-type red wines.
The use of new techniques, as far as they improve the quality of the wines, does not exclude the respect of some traditional practices. It is the case of the ageing in oak barrels developed at Bergerac winery.
FIGURES150 winegrowers
1 400 hectares
75 000 hectoliters of wine
Alliance Aquitaine
24130 Le Fleix
T. 05 53 24 64 32

Landerrouat, Duras, Cazaugitat Winegrowers "Les Peyrières"

SCA Landerrouat-Duras-Cazaugitat Winegrowers is a cooperative winery that gathers 3 production sites : two for the appellations of Bordeaux and one for Duras and Bergerac appellations.
Created in 1936, Landerrouat winery included Duras winery in 1997. The difficult situation of the wine industry at the beginning of the 21st century led to a restructuring and the integration of Cazaugitat winery into the group was adopted.


Wineyard: Les Peyrières is an atypical winery. Its vineyard is situated at the crossroads of Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne and Dordogne departments. Its terroirs are therefore very diverse : “boulbènes” in the plains ; marls, limestone and chalky-clay on the heights.
As many as 25 different appellations are produced at this winery !
The winery is particularly committed in many environmental processes: Integrated vineyard management, AgriConfiance® certification, Organic farming, “3D” (Development Durable) process, Carbon assessment…

cv land1



cv land2





Equipments :
The winery got equipped with a second very modern cellar in 1996, built to enable movements of the wine by gravity flow in order to minimize the manipulation of the grapes and preserve their tasting potential.
A 800 m2 semi-subterranean barrel cellar was built at the same time to elaborate top-end wines in Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellations.
Les Peyrières also benefits from a recent warm-maceration equipment to get modern-type wines.
The alliance of modern techniques and traditional practices sets the wines up to the qualitative foreground in the region.
les FIGURES180 winegrowers
2 400 hectares
(1400 hectaers on Bordeaux appellations and 1000 hectares Duras & Bergerac appellations)
140 000 hectoliters of wine
Les Vignerons de Landerrouat Duras Cazaugitat "Les Peyrières"
4 Route Vignerons
33790 Landerrouat
T. 05 56 61 31 21

United Growers of Monségur

The winery is located at the entrance of Monségur, a fortified town founded in the XIIIth century by Eléonore de Provence, who was married to the king of England and Duke of Aquitaine, Henri III Plantagenêt. The former particularly enjoyed this city where she used to rest after long journeys, and eat and drink to excess the good food and wine produced in the region.
On the 25th of May 1935, during the fair at Monségur, a handful of winegrowers talked about their problems in this period of crisis of the wine industry. That day, they bet on the reunion of their financial and human means to work together.
The following year, fifteen pioneer winegrowers created the Cooperative winery of Monségur and brought their first harvest to the recently built cellar. Convinced by the qualitative and economic success of their action, other winegrowers soon joined the group.
Since then, the winery has constantly evolved and today gathers close to 200 winegrowers who are very involved in the quality of their products.


Vineyard: Situated at the Southern end of the Entre-deux-Mers region, the vineyard extends over an undulating area of hillsides and plateaux mainly made of clay and limestone.

cv monsegur1



cv monsegur2




Equipments :
Improvement and technical investments have been constant over the last thirty years.
Among the state-of-the-art equipments of the winery, we can mention the temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, the 3 pneumatic presses, the oak barrels cellar. The cellar reaches a capacity of 150 000 hectoliters.
In particular, the winery modernized the winemaking cellar in 2010 with:
- The creation of a self-emptying cellar of 10 000 hl to carry out the winemaking of Châteaux ;
- The purchase of a pre-fermentation at warm temperature unit with capacity of 30 000 hectoliters, to elaborate modern-type wines.
FIGURES185 winegrowers
1 400 hectares
70 000 hectoliters of wine
Les Vignerons Réunis de Monségur
1 Grand Champ
33580 Le Puy
T. 05 56 61 61 85

Gironde-sur-Dropt Winery "La Girondaise"

La Girondaise winery was created by a handful of winegrowers with the aim of providing commercial outlets for their whole production.
Built in 1933, on a slope in Gironde sur Dropt, the architecture of this winery is a real maze. It has kept on growing until today.


Vineyard: The vineyard is located in the South of the Entre-deux-Mers region in the Dropt valley.
Most of the farms that belong to La Girondaise are certified by the AgriConfiance® label as they follow the Integrated vineyard management process.

cv gironde1



cv gironde2



The historical wine cellar is based on the laws of gravity; the grapes are tipped from above and fall through 4 floors, throughout a long maturation and transformation process.
A much more modern cellar was built in 1999, with double floor tanks adapted to the height of the building.
The tanks capacity represents 6 million liters. The winemaker works among other things with an equipment of warm pre-fermentation maceration for the red wines, and with three performing pneumatic presses.
FIGURES47 winegrowers
440 hectares
26 000 hectoliters of wine
Coopérative Vinicole La Girondaise
5 Saussier
33190 Gironde-sur-Dropt
T. 05 56 71 10 15

Saint-Pierre d'Aurillac winery

St Pierre d’Aurillac winery was born in 1920 from the will of winegrowers coming from 10 surrounding villages to define and control the production rules of their white wines from Côtes Supérieures de Bordeaux Saint Macaire. This handful of winegrowers were at the cutting edge of the creation of controlled appellations.
In 1930, the winery only blended and stored the wines produced by its members. The cooperative winery was atypical as it aged and sold the wines but did not carry out their winemaking. The wines were taken to St Pierre winery once their alcoholic fermentation was over.
It is only from 2000 that St Pierre winery has undertaken to invest in an unloading dock and stainless steel tanks to be able to carry out the winemaking.


Location :
Saint Pierre winery is situated in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard, in the Southern part of the Entre-deux-Mers region. On the hillsides that overlook the Garonne river, terroirs are formed of gravels and clay on a calcareous subsoil. In the plain, soils are composed of silt and sand.


cv aurillac1
cv aurillac2 Equipments :
The winery owns 36 000 hectoliters of tank capacity, entirely temperature-controlled.
Regarding environment, it has a performing covered treatment station for winemaking waste.
Another remarkable asset is the 3 cold rooms still present in the cellar, that were used to store fruits. Indeed, big orchards were on the banks of the Garonne river in the 70’s along with the vines.
FIGURES35 winegrowers
250 ha of vines
13 500 hectoliters of wine
1 rue des coopératives
33490 Saint Pierre d'Aurillac
T. 05 56 63 54 84

Langoiran Winery "Cellier de Graman"

Cellier de Graman was born in 1967 from the will of four winegrowers to create a common cellar in order to face the crisis in the wine business. That year, the harvest was good and the quality of the wines convinced the producers and the surrounding consumers. A group of about forty winegrowers therefore was set up over the years and the success of Langoiran winery is now fully achieved.


The appellations produced at Langoiran winery are multiple and diverse. In addition to the traditional AOP Bordeaux red, rosé and white, Cellier de Graman produces an excellent Bordeaux Clairet.

cv langoiran1



cv langoiran2






Equipments : Cellier de Graman winery has a storage capacity of 30 000 hectoliters, with mainly stainless steel tanks, entirely equipped with a temperature control system. Among the interesting equipments, we can mention the vibrating reception platform that preserves the quality potential of the harvested grapes, as well as the nitrogen production plant. FIGURES34 winegrowers
170 hectares
9 500 hectoliters of wine
Le Cellier de Graman
25 Route Créon
33550 Langoiran
T. 05 56 67 09 06